Walking Over Eggshells

Growing up in a mentally abusive household was never fun, but then I married a Walter Mitty character who took me to Africa and into some ridiculous and dangerous situations! To survive, I worked 24/7. I taught children, ran the worst riding school in the world, bred pet animals, announced on radio, lived on a boat and brought up two children of my own. On the lighter side, I hosted a royal occasion, met heads of state, interviewed Nelson Mandela and shook hands with Prince Charles. Much to my amazement, I ‘fell’ into the media, first writing for radio and television, then directing, and eventually I ran my own video production company and won several awards. However, throughout all this, my mother lurked in the background, always there to remind me what a failure I was. The only thing that saved me from admittance to the nearest mental home was an unfailing sense of humour.

— This book kept my attention from start to finish and I could not put it down,
— A frank and brave memoir of a woman scarred by abusive relationships.
— A breathtaking, honest account of a truly amazing life.
— That Lucinda E Clarke can write and write well is not in question. This memoir left me breathless at times. As each chapter opened I could not wait for the continuing saga and adventures to recommence. I wholeheartedly recommend this book, buy it, delve in and lose a few days, well worth it.  5 stars Jenifer Herrick-Weatherstone, “allweathers”, Spain
— An excellent read chronicling events in the life of the author who overcame adversity again and again, and achieved so much in her life against all the odds, having to resettle and virtually start again in several different countries from Libya to Africa. Very well written and I really could not put this book down.  5 stars Caryl Williams (Wales)
— It takes a lot for me to read a book all the way through without skipping past the less interesting bits. Walking over Eggshells is one such book. There are no less interesting bits. Tight, well written, and searingly honest it is in fact possibly the most interesting book I’ve read this year.  5 stars Wusseyboy, Surrey
— Wow, what an amazing book and lady! I am so full of admiration for this lady and how she coped with her life as a child and during her life in Africa. Absolutely brilliantly written and thank you for sharing your story in this book!  5 stars Judith Benson, Huercal-Overa