Amie African Adventure

Amie was just an average girl, living in the town where she grew up, close to her friends and family. She was happily married to her high school sweetheart and she had her future all planned out. Until the day her husband announced he was being sent to live and work in an African country she’d never heard of.

When she came to the notice of a Colonel in the Government, it made life very complicated, and from there, things started to escalate from bad to worse. There was something she had never been told and it put her life in danger. If Amie could have seen that one day she would be totally lost, fighting for her life, and enduring untold horrors, she would never have stepped foot on that plane.

— I am pleased to recommend Amie: An African Adventure to any reader who enjoys an adventurous tale.
— Excellent characters, sudden twists, surprises throughout. Well worth the time.
— I loved this book! It’s the best story I’ve read in a very long time.
— ‘This book was written with such consummate skill. I have enormous admiration for Lucinda E Clarke as an author. She not only knows how to write an edge-of-the-seat, well-constructed story that would make a brilliant movie – she does it using beautiful, spare, intelligent, and amazingly descriptive language. By the time I got to the end of ‘Amie’ I felt as though I’d been to Africa – seen it, touched it, smelled it, heard it… loved it and hated it. Everything that is the truth of the country is there in this book. Can I give it six stars please? It deserves it.’  5 stars Lesley Hayes, author in Oxford, UK
— ‘The book is a spellbinder and it gives you a look at the modern-day Africa and all it entails. I recommend that you buy and read these books and you will appreciate the problems that Africa has.’ 5 stars Egon Nielsen, Vancouver, Canada
— ‘The author has brought together her writing skill, imagination and considerable insight to produce a strong, believable plot which contains natural dialogue, superb imagery and a compelling story of the need to survive. It is the strongest natural desire and is portrayed well here. Well done Lucinda.’  5 stars Tom Benson, UK
— ‘I was captured on the first page and couldn’t put it down. I even took it to bed with me so if I woke up I could start reading it again.  You never knew the twists or turns. I was part of the adventure. I loved this book and hated to see it end. I would recommend it to anyone.’  5 stars Jo-Anne Himmelman, Australia