A Year in the Life of Andrea Coe

Andrea was Leah’s best friend. A strange attraction between a wild, confident, fun-loving, widow, and a quiet, insecure housewife. But Leah’s gentle and loving nature hide the depths of an underlying iron-hard mental strength. After surviving her vicious husband’s terrifying games and the mental asylum he committed her to, Leah’s only desire now is for a life of peace with her new partner, and her best friend, Andrea. What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, as it turns out. With her husband now on the run from a mob hitman, and his family each hiding their own secrets, they are prepared to go to any lengths to finish what they started three years ago. Will they succeed this time? Leah knew the only person she could rely on was Andrea. This is book two in the series and answers all the questions raised in Book 1: A Year In The Life of Leah Brand.

— Easy to read, it’s a light-hearted psychological thriller that leaves you wanting to read more!
— Again brilliantly written and a great storyline.
— A six-star read, I can’t wait for the next one.