The very Worst Riding School in the World

Book 1 of my novella recounting my adventures in Botswana, Africa. This is my thank you to all my readers – this book is FREE!!!

Who would open and run a riding school when I’m scared of horses, can’t ride, don’t know what to feed then or how to care for them? Yes, that would be me. Add to that I had no insurance, no capital and two of the four horses were not fit for the knacker’s yard. But that’s exactly what I did with hilarious results. This is only part of the story, but you can download the second part, also free, from the link in my newsletter which is only available to my special readers – along with the Amie backstories.

— As a horse lover and owner, I found this short tale hilarious. Oh, the traps for the unwary. Lucinda Clarke has a wonderful way with words, and I could empathize only too well with her experiences.  R Coulson, UK
— This is a very good opening to the longer story which is available upon subscribing to Lucinda Clarke’s monthly newsletter. Her understated British sense of humor is perfect for the challenges of living and operating a “riding school” in Africa. The story itself is both funny and sad at times, but her engagement with Africa’s people and land, and of course, the individual horses, shines through. This little book is a gift to its readers.  Mary Clarke, US